Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Claus

Blake's Christmas party

Excited about the party!

Far away from Santa! haha

Opening the dump truck he got from Santa

Playing pin the nose on Rudolph!

Kate is 10 months!

Kate turned 10 months old on the 13th. I can't believe she's almost 1! She is about 27in and weighs 15lbs. Still little! She is crawling on her belly. Still nursing. Says dada, nana, bye bye, hey, and  SOMETIMES  moma. She sits up easily. Claps. Gives kisses. Smiles for the camera. Loves music, likes to dance and sing. Still very very sweet! She had her first ear infection last week. It was so sad. She is still taking antibiotics. She got to meet Santa on Wednesday and she didn't cry! I was really surprised. Blake did really good too!  Here is a picture of her from Blake's party. We didn't do a photo shoot since she hasn't felt good. haha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Garvin Woodland Gardens

Last Sunday Nana and Poppy took all of us to see all the Christmas lights in the garden, then we went to Cajun Broilers and ate. We had so much fun! Blake wanted to pose at every set of lights. It was hilarious! Kate slept through the WHOLE thing. ha

Gingerbread men!

Haley had her friend Sadie spend the night last weekend and I let the kids make gingerbread men. They had fun(but I think Blake had the most fun) haha. Here are some pictures.

Haley's cookies

Sadie's cookies

baby Kate's(I started and Blake finished!)
Blake's cookies. He broke the leg off before we even started! ha

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Parade

On the 5th the kids and I(daddy had to work) went to the Christmas parade in downtown Benton. It was pretty chilly. Blake loved his hot chocolate! Kate was waving at all the people going by. It was so cute!

Early Christmas

Opening up presents!

Happy 30th Brad and Chad!

These are the pictures from Friday night in San Antonio

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we went down to Monticello to have Thanksgiving with Chris's Dads Family. We went to Mamaw Florence's house and had some yummy food! We had fun getting to see everyone. Then on Thanksgiving day we ate a wonderful lunch at my mom's house. After lunch we drove to San Antonio to Brad and Rhonda's house. We celebrated Brad and Chad's birthday on Friday night. We went out to eat and bowling. Saturday for lunch we had another awesome Thanksgiving meal. Saturday afternoon we opened Christmas presents. That night we went out to a ranch and drove through tons of lights and decorations. The kids loved it! Sunday night we went down to the river walk and ate some good Mexican food. We listened to carolers go by in the boats singing. It was so fun! We got to see all the lights down at the river. We had so much fun with the family and can't wait til baby Harris gets here!

Kate with her Mamaw Florence

Cheesing for the camera

Kate and her cousin Mabry

Chris, Me, Kate, Julie, Chad, and Mabry

Kate, Blake, Mabry, and Haley

Me and Ashley

My girls

Friday, December 4, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kate is 9 months!

Kate turned 9 month old yesterday! Her well baby check is next week so I'll give an update on her stats then. As you can see, she is sitting up on her own very well. She is starting to eat a lot better too! Her first tooth finally popped through yesterday. It's the bottom right. The left is right behind it, you can see it under the gums. She loves to clap and sing, and dance. She already loves music! She is still such a sweet baby. Still nursing. She can crawl on her stomach. Wave bye bye. She says Dada, Nana, Bye, and Hi. I weighed her at the hospital last week and she's still 15 pounds. Maybe she'll gain some weight by next week! haha

Happy Halloween

Our internet is down so I haven't been able to blog. Here are some pictures from Halloween!