Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kate is 9 months!

Kate turned 9 month old yesterday! Her well baby check is next week so I'll give an update on her stats then. As you can see, she is sitting up on her own very well. She is starting to eat a lot better too! Her first tooth finally popped through yesterday. It's the bottom right. The left is right behind it, you can see it under the gums. She loves to clap and sing, and dance. She already loves music! She is still such a sweet baby. Still nursing. She can crawl on her stomach. Wave bye bye. She says Dada, Nana, Bye, and Hi. I weighed her at the hospital last week and she's still 15 pounds. Maybe she'll gain some weight by next week! haha

Happy Halloween

Our internet is down so I haven't been able to blog. Here are some pictures from Halloween!