Friday, June 27, 2008

San Antonio

We had such a blast! First off, I want to thank Brad, Rhonda, and Annabelle for letting us stay at their gorgeous house and hang out with them. We drove to Dallas Friday night after I got off work and stayed with Chad and Julie(thank you to you guys as well). They just moved into their new house and it is absolutely stunning! We all got up extra early and got to San Antonio about 10:00 am when the party was starting. Rhonda really outdid herself. The decorations were great. Annabelle turned 3 and we all had a blast. There were all kinds of activities to keep the kids busy including a huge jump house. I could tell they all really enjoyed themselves. After the party and the presents, Julie surprised us all by giving Bruce a father's day card to tell him they are pregnant! It was perfect. This is there first baby so it's very exciting. We are so happy for them. Haley has been on their case to get her a new cousin. So now her wish will come true. June 14th is a special day also for Chris and I because it's our anniversary. We have been married 5 years now, so Happy Anniversary baby! While the rest of the family went out to eat that night, Chris and I went to a very nice restaurant(recommended by Brad and Rhonda) called Paesano's. Chris had steak and I had lamb. It was wonderful. On Sunday morning we went to church. After church we went to eat at a Mexican place called Chuy's, it was really good. That afternoon we took the kids to swim. On Monday and Tuesday we took the kids to Sea World. We had so much fun. Blake really surprised me in the water. He did so good. I'll enclose some pictures. Also, I have my first OB appt on July 2nd so we'll see how that goes. Then on Thursday we are leaving for Dallas to have a Huffman family vacation at Chad and Julie's, so I'll have some more good stories for you...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pregnancy test

I officially missed my period yesterday! Yay! I have taken my 4th positive pregnancy test. Things are looking good. I'm still feeling all the symptoms too, so we'll see. Hopefully I'll have a good ultrasound next week. We're in San Antonio right now visiting Brad, Rhonda, and Annabelle, so I'll write in a few days and post some vacation pictures.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm pregnant!

Ok, so I've been having all the classic pregnancy symptoms-sore boobs, nausea, increased urinary frequency, fatigue, and so on. Also about 2 weeks ago I had a spell of vertigo(which was way worse than I ever imagined by the way). I was getting ready for work that morning, blow drying my hair and the room started spinning and I fell on the ground! I couldn't even look sideways without spinning and getting sick! It was horrible. When I called work that morning the first thing she asked me was am I pregnant. I went to the doctor that day and that was the first thing he asked me too. I can't help but wonder if that was part of my symptoms. Anyway, I decided to take a pregnancy test today even though I'm not supposed to start my period until Sunday. I'm really nervous though after last October when I had an ectopic pregnancy. I'm trying not to let myself get very excited because I don't want to be let down again, but it's so hard not to be! I won't be able to rest until I see that little heartbeat on the screen. If I'm as far as I think(4 weeks) I have almost another month to wait! It's hard knowing I still may loose it, some people think that too many people find out too early, but I was having so many symptoms I already knew without the test anyway. So I hope I have only good news ahead to share. Please pray! I don't think we could ask for a better 5th year anniversary present!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Post!

First I want to thank my sweet cousin Linsey for inspiring me to blog. The blog of her son Liam is so cute! He had his first birthday party last night and we all had a blast.

Blake got his hair cut today(finally!). It was long and shaggy from the winter and I finally gave in and had it all chopped off. He is 3 now and is wild! Haley is 9 and is starting her 1st year as a Viking cheerleader. She did dance for 5 years and decided she was done with that, so we are moving on. She is going to family farm next week and is so excited.

We are all VERY excited about this coming up weekend. First off it is our 5 year anniversary! Also, that day is my favorite niece Annabelle's 3rd birthday. We are leaving friday night and stopping in Dallas to spend the night with Chad and Julie(in their new house), then getting up early and driving to San Antonio for Annabelle's Hannah Montana birthday party! We haven't been to Brad and Rhonda's new house either so we can't wait! We plan on staying through Tuesday and leaving Wednesday morning to drive back. We're going to try to take the kids to Sea World or something like that. We're also having the 2nd annual Huffman Family Vacation July 4th in Dallas and are going to do lots of fun things then. Bye for now!