Friday, March 13, 2009

1 month old!

Kate is one month old today. Another Friday the 13th. It's crazy how there were 2 in a row. Is that normal? Anyway, we celebrated by going to Target and getting diapers! We go through LOTS of diapers! She likes me to put a clean one on her before she goes. :) Can't poop in a dirty diaper! She's already spoiled! haha She's been doing very well at night. She usually gets up once or twice depending on how late we get in bed(she likes to stay up late). Blake has another T-ball practice tonight. Maybe this one will go a little better. He's been asking all week to go to practice. He's so funny, sometimes he calls Kate "my baby Katie". It's precious. He's still very protective of her and wants to love on her and kiss her all the time. If someone asks to take her home with them he gets very upset. He came up to me this morning and said "I love you and my baby Katie". He may like to get into things, but he is such a loving little boy. Now that Kate is here he seems so much bigger and older. It makes me sad that he is growing up, but sometimes he lets me call him my baby. Haley is going to be in the talent show at her school Tuesday night, so we're real excited about that. A group of kids in her grade are doing a dance. I'll post some pictures next week. As for now, more of baby Kate...

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