Friday, May 8, 2009

12 weeks

Wow-whoever said that time flies by, sure was right! It's been 12 whole weeks since Kate was born. But 5 more days until she's technically 3 months. She is still so tiny, sometimes I wonder if she's even growing! She's still wearing 0-3 month clothes. Which I guess is normal, but Blake was always way ahead of clothes for his age(and still is), so it's just hard to believe. She has found her hands and loves to stare at them and move them all around in front of her face. But most of all she likes to suck her fists. Her hair still sticks straight up in the back. It's so precious! She loves her swing. She always falls asleep in it! My new favorite hobby is making bows. It's so fun(and way cheaper than buying them!) Blake was so sweet the other night. He came up to me and asked me if I would rock him. I loved it! I rocked him for 30 minutes until he fell asleep and I layed him down in his bed. He barely fit in my lap. I'm sure it was a funny site, but he was so cozy. He told me he was my big boy baby! haha, I'll take that! Today my cousin Linsey, her husband Joe, and kids Liam and Chloe came to visit. Chloe was born a month before Kate. Linsey bought them matching dresses. They were so cute! We had a good visit!

modeling one of my bows

twin cousins!

Blake walked in here when I was blogging wearing this-I couldn't resist! He wants to model too! :)


  1. Your bows are beautiful!! I think you should sell them! I need to order a lavender one, please!

  2. Yeah your bows are beautiful. Blake is to pretty with that on. This will be one for the senior page for the yearbook!

  3. No problem Rhonda. Just let me know what colors. That's a good idea Linsey! I didn't think of that!