Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kate's Bedding

Thanks to the help of my wonderful sister-in-law, Rhonda-I finally found some bedding I like that is priced great. She is going to help me fix it up a little. Everyone tell me what you think!

Speaking of wonderful sister-in-laws, Julie called me tonight out of the blue to see how I was doing. It was a wonderful surprise. She also told me she has a blog now, so I'm really excited about that! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Kate will be so lucky to have the best grandparents and aunts and uncles in the world! Not to mention the best big brother and sister ever. Haley and Blake are so excited. I'm about 6 1/2 months now and she is getting so big! I can feel her moving and kicking all the time now. We can't wait to see her and hold her and love her!


  1. The bedding is adorable! That will be perfect! I'm so glad you found some. It was good talking to you last night. Thank you for the sweet post! I am very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with sister-in-laws that I can be proud to call my friends! Love you!

  2. I'm just stopping by to say hello! I found you through AJ's blog (we go to church together). I graduated with Chad and Brad and I remember Chris, but obviously he was a little older. That bedding is beautiful by the way!

  3. I love that bedding! Polka dots are always my favorite. Congrats on the new baby on the way.

    I found you through Jennifer and A.J. I graduated with Chris. Tell him Maury says hello!