Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I got baby Kate's bedding in and I'm so excited! I love it! After Rhonda and I get it all fixed how I want it I'll put some pictures up. Hopefully I'll have it done right after Thanksgiving. I've got several things planned for the room so I can't wait to get started. We got the majority of our Christmas shopping done so I'm feeling very accomplished. We plan on putting up the Christmas tree this weekend, so now all that's left is wrapping all the presents and putting them under the tree! Blake is so excited about Christmas. He wants everything he sees on TV. It's so funny! I'm getting so big. Kate is moving around all the time and waking me up at night. I bought her some cute little hair bows the other day and my favorite sister, Ashley bought her niece a cute outfit. It has little Kitty feet. I just can't wait to see her!


  1. Drew is the same way. Every commercial he sees he is like "I want that, I want that" We haven't started decorating for Christmas yet. But we did go shopping yesterday for our Operation Christmas Child box. Drew had so much fun picking out toys for "the little boy in Africa".

  2. I'll have Drew on Thursday and Friday. We will be at Mamaw Florance's house on Thursday for lunch, and pretty much the rest of the day. I also sent you an email to your yahoo account.