Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ANOTHER Dr appointment!

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and I had my weekly checkup today. I'm really getting sick of weekly checkups! Good news-I haven't gained any weight since December. Bad news-I'm still not changing any! Her heartrate was 147 and she is still head down(good news too). He said he would look at inducing at the end of next week if I wanted. He told me he thought she weighed about 8 pounds, which I'm not surprised because my other 2 were so big! I really think if she stays the whole time she'll be 9 pounds. I was a little better prepared for the bad news this week. Last week I was certain I was making process so I was very upset to learn I wasn't. This time I told myself to be ready to hear the same thing. So I didn't even cry this time! haha. I'm very ready to have her but yesterday was my last day of work, just knowing I don't have to work anymore makes me feel 10 times better. We have been so busy in the ER lately that it's hard for me to pull my load! I have wonderful co-workers who help me out so much and cover my shifts when needed. Thanks guys! So I go back to Dr T next Tuesday and I hope to hear better news!

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  1. I am sad to hear you are not doing anything! I know that is no fun to hear... at least you get to go see 3 blind mice tomorrow with us!!! yay!