Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Precious months!

Kate is 7 months old today! What a blessing she has been to us! She continues to be such a sweet and laid back baby. Some new things she is doing are-drinking from a cup, saying dada, picking up stars and putting them in her mouth(she loves them!), laughing a lot, waving bye bye, likes to play on tummy, playing with toys more, watching baby Einstein, and almost sitting up by herself(she does pretty good, but still falls). I thought it would be fun to dress Kate up in the same outfit to compare pictures and see how she's grown! Left: 11 weeks Right: 7 months

Favorites for this month: playing with new book that sings, and banana & strawberry apple star puffs

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  1. Love the huge bows!!! The bigger the better. Adorable little girl!