Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kate is 11 months!

It's really hard to imagine that this time next month my little angel will be turning 1! She has the sweetest personality. I would say she's getting so big-but she's not! ha! She still weighs 15 pounds. She's eating table food now and drinking milk from a sippy cup as well as nursing. We took her to get her hair trimmed for the first time the other day because it was getting in her eyes. She did really good! Here's a list of her tricks! haha
pulls up
pushes stroller and walks
says: dada, mama, nana, bye, hi, hello, la la
signs: daddy, more, eat, drink, bye, num nums, good    Kate signing
points to: hair, nose, eyes
blows kisses, plays patty cake, puts the phone or her hand up to her ear and says hello, shakes her head yes and no, gives sugar(with open mouth of course), likes to sing and dance
still only has bottom 2 teeth
takes 2 naps a day
likes to play with her toys and look at her books
she loves music

sitting on "Mr Cow"

looking at Ms Gaylen

pushing stroller

pretty girl

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  1. These are some precious pictures!!! Brad said he can't get over how much she looks like her Daddy when he was a baby. He said, "I can pull out pictures of Chris that look JUST like that!" If so, Chris sure was a pretty little girl :)