Friday, June 27, 2008

San Antonio

We had such a blast! First off, I want to thank Brad, Rhonda, and Annabelle for letting us stay at their gorgeous house and hang out with them. We drove to Dallas Friday night after I got off work and stayed with Chad and Julie(thank you to you guys as well). They just moved into their new house and it is absolutely stunning! We all got up extra early and got to San Antonio about 10:00 am when the party was starting. Rhonda really outdid herself. The decorations were great. Annabelle turned 3 and we all had a blast. There were all kinds of activities to keep the kids busy including a huge jump house. I could tell they all really enjoyed themselves. After the party and the presents, Julie surprised us all by giving Bruce a father's day card to tell him they are pregnant! It was perfect. This is there first baby so it's very exciting. We are so happy for them. Haley has been on their case to get her a new cousin. So now her wish will come true. June 14th is a special day also for Chris and I because it's our anniversary. We have been married 5 years now, so Happy Anniversary baby! While the rest of the family went out to eat that night, Chris and I went to a very nice restaurant(recommended by Brad and Rhonda) called Paesano's. Chris had steak and I had lamb. It was wonderful. On Sunday morning we went to church. After church we went to eat at a Mexican place called Chuy's, it was really good. That afternoon we took the kids to swim. On Monday and Tuesday we took the kids to Sea World. We had so much fun. Blake really surprised me in the water. He did so good. I'll enclose some pictures. Also, I have my first OB appt on July 2nd so we'll see how that goes. Then on Thursday we are leaving for Dallas to have a Huffman family vacation at Chad and Julie's, so I'll have some more good stories for you...

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