Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Post!

First I want to thank my sweet cousin Linsey for inspiring me to blog. The blog of her son Liam is so cute! He had his first birthday party last night and we all had a blast.

Blake got his hair cut today(finally!). It was long and shaggy from the winter and I finally gave in and had it all chopped off. He is 3 now and is wild! Haley is 9 and is starting her 1st year as a Viking cheerleader. She did dance for 5 years and decided she was done with that, so we are moving on. She is going to family farm next week and is so excited.

We are all VERY excited about this coming up weekend. First off it is our 5 year anniversary! Also, that day is my favorite niece Annabelle's 3rd birthday. We are leaving friday night and stopping in Dallas to spend the night with Chad and Julie(in their new house), then getting up early and driving to San Antonio for Annabelle's Hannah Montana birthday party! We haven't been to Brad and Rhonda's new house either so we can't wait! We plan on staying through Tuesday and leaving Wednesday morning to drive back. We're going to try to take the kids to Sea World or something like that. We're also having the 2nd annual Huffman Family Vacation July 4th in Dallas and are going to do lots of fun things then. Bye for now!

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