Friday, April 24, 2009

Blake's zoo trip & 10 weeks old!

Blake had his preschool trip to the zoo yesterday. He LOVED it. It was also Kate's first zoo trip. She was so good. She just sat in her seat and strolled around all morning! Blake was very good also. He stayed by Chris and I and didn't try to run around at all-which if you don't know him, is awesome! :) And it goes without saying, that Haley was perfect. I'm so proud of the lot of them! Ha. We got to ride the train, which I remember being way cooler when I was a kid, so hopefully they thought so too! After we left the zoo we went and ate at Buffalo Grill(where Chris and I met) to see some of his old work buddies. Even though it's been several years ago, there were still lots of people there that he knew. He got to show off his big family! When we got home Blake, Kate, and Daddy took a nap while I took Haley to dance. After dance we went straight to the ball park for Blake's t-ball game. He did so much better! He still isn't that interested, but at least he stayed put in his place. He always hits the ball good, but it's iffy whether or not he'll run to the base. Usually it's just a really slow trot! The team we played last night was really good, so he got out a couple of times, but he did make it home once. Yay Blake! Maybe next year will go better!

Kate is 10 weeks today! She is doing wonderful! Besides one really bad night, she has been sleeping between 7-9 hours every night! She loves to smile and talk. She is perfect. She finally rolled over for Chris the other night. When you try to lay her back, she tries to sit up. She doesn't want to miss anything! We also got to meet one of my friend Theresa's little boy on Monday. He is so precious! Kate thought so too!

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  1. These are some sweet pictures! I love the one of Kate laughing and the sweet one right after it. She's so beautiful! I wish we could come to one of Blake's games! Annabelle would LOVE that!